About Us

We have established Uttarakhand Trails with the primary objective of making our lives better by touching the heights of fitness and health. We are a group of young enthusiasts who are trying to revolutionize lifestyle insignia that provides you the opportunity to push your boundaries, break the barriers and rejuvenate your thrill for life with We are on a mission to revolutionize fitness in our city in a short period of time and then take this endeavor to the whole country.

We have a wide range of recreational sports activities that comes under our expertise like cycling, bike riding, trekking, camping, river rafting and others. We intend to promote fitness with cycling and bike riding in Uttarakhand. Our team has expert bikers and cyclists who will lead you while cruising through the valleys and terrains of Uttarakhand. For adventure enthusiasts who want to explore the unexplored, we offer trekking, camping in Uttarakhand.

We have expert professionals who will assist you throughout your journey to the toughest treks that Uttarakhand has to offer. River rafting is a must have experience activity whilst exploring Dehradun, we have ties up and professional connections with the best rafting, bungee jumping and other adventure service providers in Uttarakhand. These activities let you have an exotic, fun, thrilling and intoxicating, life changing experience. Get ready to achieve your fitness Nirvana with all the adrenaline rush, calorie burns and direct dose of Vitamin E. Although, we are only operating in Uttarakhand right now, we aspire to expand our reach throughout the country in order to promote fit and healthy lifestyle.

We believe in hard work. In UK Trails, we push you to travel the path less explored, do something different , creative and extraordinary. Get out of your comfort zones and create memories for lifetime. We will by your side, guiding you, motivating you, while you feel the thrill of riding the savage waves of the untamed rivers and scale the enormous peaks of Himalayas. We want that you take some time off your busy working lifestyle and spend some time with us amidst the nature and create tons of memories that you can share with your grandchildren and rejoice all your life.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision at UK Trails is to improve lifestyle via experiences that triggers the spirit of adventure, thrill, teamwork and positive vibes thus becoming India’s number one adventure sports and fitness company in process.

We believe that adventure is for everyone. We aim to introduce safe and unique adventure sports ranging from outdoor fun activities to extreme adventures to every age group. We want to provide superior adventure experiences with exceptional customer service. We seek to provide eccentric, robust and stimulating user experience to arouse the thrill of adventure and connect our guests through a powerful adventure experience.

Why Prefer Us?

  1. 100% safety guaranteed with top notch equipments.
  2. We believe everything can be negotiated in business but quality.
  3. Customized trips as per your needs.
  4. Diligent attention at all components of your tour.
  5. High level of service with excellent relationship with all service providers.
  6. Dedicated and qualified team of instructors who loves what they does and are the masters of their own element.
  7. Complete responsibility of our dedicated tour directors who’ll stick with you from the moment the tour starts to the time you head back to home.
  8. Unparalleled 24/7, 365 days service.
  9. Hygiene oriented trips.
  10. Not to brag, but with us you will feel like you are amongst family.
Events & News

We organize sporting events on a regular basis and provide the latest news regarding adventure sports on a single click.

Rent & Hire

We have a wide range of varieties when it comes to hiring cycles, motorcycles and related accessories.

Our Packages

Our packages are customizable according to your needs and activities you want to take part in.